New Cover

Hi folks.

I just wanted to let you know that I made a new and better design to my previous album Organic Universe. I made it to really enhance the awesome artwork House of Dolving. And this is how it looks. Go ahead and click here and have a listen.














A Sunday to Remember

Almost a year ago I recorded a track that was a bit unusual for me. It told a very strange story of Prince Rupert and his adventures. The track was called Just Me and it sounded like this:

Yes, that is me singing. As I said – a bit unusual.

Now as the text does tell a story, albeit in a slight surreal way, I thought it would be fitting to have a video along with the song. So I contacted the famous Swedish cartoonist Mikael Grahn, played him the song and pitched the idea to make a video as an animated film. He instantly loved both the song and the idea, so we got to work with storyboarding.

Now it is in full production mode and we have courageously set a release date for the whole thing. So make a mark in your calendar for Sunday November 15. Because that’s when the video will be released, and the story of Prince Rupert will be told, again.


Six years later it is here.

So summer has passed and winter is around the corner. And that is all good; I love when the seasons change. It’s proof of that time flows, and we with it. Life.

I have spent this weekend completely immersed with a new track. Well as a matter of fact, I’m slowly building towards yet another release. Sure, we are long from it being finished, but I have gotten material surprisingly fast. And one thing I very much like to share with you is something that has been waiting six years to be released! Border Patrol is finally done.

Yup. After a complete overhaul I can at last say that it’s done and I’m proud of the result. Have a listen and float away with the wonderful vocals of Sandhya Sanjana. Have a listen and dance to the beat. Have a listen, close your eyes and let your thoughts flow.

However you prefer to do it – click the little triangle and enjoy Border Patrol.


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