Stories released

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A new release has seen the light of day: Stories.

It’s a set of six songs, or as the album title says; stories. I had originally intended to include three tracks with vocals, but they will be released at some later point. We got to have something to look forward to, right? The cover painting is made by and with kind permission of Steven DaLuz. Check out his amazing work here.

Anyway, these are a collection of short stories. Their titles might be a small hint of what’s inside. But I leave it up to your imagination to write the story yourself.

So put your headphones on, press play and let your mind and my music take you to places you’ve never visited before.


Beautiful Decay on Spotify, iTunes

Yes it is!

After having it published only on my download page since the release in March, I decided to also release it on the most common streaming services we have; iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and a handful of others. So for those of you that are into my music I hope this will put a smile on your faces.


New Cover

Hi folks.

I just wanted to let you know that I made a new and better design to my previous album Organic Universe. I made it to really enhance the awesome artwork House of Dolving. And this is how it looks. Go ahead and click here and have a listen.














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