Organic Universe released

And so, here is the long overdue Organic Universe album, with an amazing cover painting by House of Dolving.













Go to the online store and download it for yourself, or even better – pre-order the vinyl release that is going to be available in June.

Have a great Easter, and until next time.

New Artwork








Here is a very nice piece of work in progress. The new Interzone logo that will début on the cover of the upcoming CD-release. Design and original idea is by a very good friend of mine; Peter Dolving. He also makes awesome music – listen here.

Other than that, things are good and spring is coming really fast now. Sunshine and longer days. Take care of each other.



Back to the Blog

Yeah, so there has been a very  long time since I’ve posted anything here. I apologize for that and with this post I’m going to try to re-ignite this musicians’ blog. Of course a lot of things has happened since the last post, but I won’t go into everything at once – it will come, little by little.

So for now let’s just say that my CD Organic Universe is about to be released this spring. I know it’s over a year late, but you know me – I don’t rush, good things have a way of happening when it’s time. And the time is now and the thing is good

tapeI also recently got an 8-track cassette recorder. And it is amazing so go back and record directly on tape. Like the old days, no editing after a take and lots of rehearsing. And of course lots of nice saturation, some noise and writing with small letters on the sleeve.

I have a bunch of mostly unwritten material that is sort of lo-fi, or well… it doesn’t feel quite at home in a digital environment. So this I will record direct on tape, and then there will be a small  DIY-project that will result in, hopefully, something very special and very limited.

Yes, there will be an upcoming cassette release!


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